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Not Enough People in STEM?!  I’ll Give You Some Roots!

Experts claim that the #1 obstacle to sustaining STEM students is frustration in courses such as calculus.

In my experience, we’ve been teaching calculus the wrong way, making it seem harder than it really is.  We rely too much on memorization and not enough on intuition, the very basis on which calculus came to beat algebra.

Why not try Greg’s approach?

My learning approach exists to help you begin business analysis as quickly as possible.  It is by a practitioner for practitioners, although curious students who already know algebra will also find this to be the most intuitive and straightforward investment to begin learning calculus for any capacity.

First, I invite you to take my Calculus Diagnostic Exam

Alas, traditional programs are effective at measuring what they have taught you at the end but not whether you were ready to begin (which makes every enrollment a leap of faith).

With my diagnostic, solutions and self-scoring, you can see where you stand so that you can:

(1) determine whether you are ready to commit to a program or self-study and

(2) determine your rate of improvement

This diagnostic involves no calculus questions of its own but tests whether you have the intuition and technical skills (e.g. algebra) to effectively learn calculus.  What a money and time saver!

Download Diagnostic Exam (PDF, 457 KB)

Download Diagnostic Solutions (PDF, 519 KB)

Second, if you are ready, use my Self-Study Workbook and Microsoft Excel (R) Companion

The Workbook provides the most effective learning according to 3 criteria:

  1. Appeal to Intuition
  2. Accountable Practice (Quizzes and Exams are included with solutions and self-scoring so that you can easily practice, track your progress, and arrange deadlines with an accountability partner).
  3. Applicability (examples abound for you to become a turnkey adviser).

The Microsoft Excel (R) Companion is both a visual aid for the Workbook and model aid with which you can play with the models and increase exposure to both Calculus and Excel skills (which I also teach).

Download the Business Calculus Self-Study Workbook (PDF, 10 MB)

Download the Excel Companion (XLSX, 155 KB, Updated: 4/20/2015)

If you find my works useful enough to take part in your curriculum or practice, it is an honor!

If you are interested in additional help, contact me to discuss options.

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