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Dear Gregory,

What an amazing inspirational experience your presentation for my Managerial Accounting students was!

Starting with an intriguing question to hold their attention, you led them into the topic of your presentation and generated so much interest that the 46-student classroom, on the night before Thanksgiving break, held their breath trying to not miss a word of your lesson.

…We were fascinated with your ability to relate to the audience and to have an on-going dialogue with your listeners and your personal, quite dramatic and successful attention-holding presentation style.

Maria U. Ku, CPA

Accounting Instructor

Ohlone College

This speech was provided pro bono for a non-profit organization.

Full Testimonial Here / Video of 1st Half of Speech

Character References

Greg is an amazing teacher who adapts to his students. His patience is undeniable and his creativity and resourcefulness is what makes him invaluable.

Eila Shargh, MBA

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