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Who Is Gregory?


Gregory Taketa is the Data Decanter, serving refined, well-breathed data analysis while keeping out the sediments.

Vintages include:

  • REVENUE: Should we raise/lower our prices or increase our advertising?
  • OPERATIONS: Should we hire the smarter person or the more creative one?
  • PERSONAL: Should I invest in better comprehension or better retention?

Top Vineyards:

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Teaching
  • Speaking


Welcome!  If you are new here, my mission is to use global data and counterintuitive acumen to help you in a world that’s beyond common sense. 

Most managers are experts of common sense but lack the global data to help diverse stakeholders. 

Most analysts are experts of global data but lack the managerial judgment to give effective ideas (I didn’t say “advice;” I already know by data and experience that you don’t want to be told what to do.  Have I proven myself already?).

I’m here to meet both needs par excellence.  To fulfill due diligence quickly, I recommend these items:

You can also find frequent value messages on my Twitter page, and I frequently post articles on my Blog.  Sign up on it for value posts to your e-mail, or join me on LinkedIn to have them served to your feed.

You will quickly see in my body of work that I truly do Analyze Responsibly.  If you are convinced that my expertise is what your organization needs in this crazy world, come join me for a drink.

Cheers to you!

-Gregory Taketa

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