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In Loving Memory of Kappa Maki Taketa, June 10, 2001 – May 6, 2013

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Kappa Maki Taketa, the first Taketa family dog to be raised from a puppy, has passed on due to long-term pains from an advanced meningioma.  He was surrounded by loved ones in his final moments and experienced a peaceful transition.


Kappa, 2 mos. old (August 2001)

In everybody’s mind, Kappa was the favorite family member.  He was a gentle, caring, gregarious soul who protected others and comforted others in times of need.  He was playful and very intelligent.  He bore the loveable traits of any dog, or human.

Kappa had painful setbacks in his life, some of which most people I know would never experience.  He kept his spirits and love high no matter what happened.  He accepted reality for what it was and made the most of it.  He made the most of every day (in his last days he made a point to stay outdoors more often than ever before because he knew his days were numbered).  He showed loving energy to the very end.


Kappa, April 2013

We were very blessed to have had Kappa for the time we did.  I am humbled by his tenacity and positive spirit.

FAMILY ADD (5/9):  We are very humbled by Kappa’s loving example.  In spite of his intense pain in his fight with cancer, he showed more concern and love for the family than himself.  He was more than a dog.  He was a truly selfless family member.  He was well loved.

I can unequivocally say that for the short time this fine dog has had on this earth, he has truly lived more than most I know.  Our love for you is forever, Kappa.

We are not requesting any flowers or donations at this time.  Your sentiments are more than enough.

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